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Vision Statement: The Fairfield Estates Homeowners Association is a diverse, tight-knit community of caring neighbors who seek to add value by maintaining & improving property values; encouraging service on the board and committees; sharing knowledge and resources, and providing positive solutions to challenges.



Please read the following urgent message:

The State Health Code for all swimming pools PROHIBITS GLASS of any kind at the pool.  The pool cleaning crew has found glass bottles at the pool every time they clean the pool.  We cannot risk broken glass getting into the water because it is impossible to remove and could cause injury, which the HOA is liable.  The next time glass is found at the pool – even in the trash we have to close the pool and drain it.  We would hate for this to ruin the swim season.  PLEASE DO NOT BRING GLASS OF ANY KIND TO THE POOL!

For website access, contact 4Sight Neighborhood Management or call (469) 287-8583



Community Yard Sale

  October 18th @ 8AM


 Regular Board Meetings

The next Board meeting will be held on Thursday October 16, 2014.  Owners are welcome to attend. Please contact the Management Company 3-days in advance to ensure the venue will accommodate your attendance. Please click the meetings link for more information and the Agenda for the next Board meeting.

Attendees will be in 'listen only' mode unless an agenda item is provided in advance to address the Board at the meeting.

Annual meetings are held once a year to provide homeowner education, re-cap the past year's accomplishments, share the coming year's budget, and vote for vacant board positions (if any).


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